Our mission at Pinebreeze Technologies is to make life better for you & make you a hero! Here is what our clients have to say about our service.

Auto History  Reporter

SAN Administrator

We had a meeting and one topic that came up was Pinebreeze support. From our point of view, your teams have really been able to tackle our projects with great success. You have helped our team meet our goals. It’s great to see that the instructions are being followed and if there are questions, we get asked before mistakes happen. The documentation has also been excellent as we ask for pictures, SN and inventory status updates. You have gone above what we expected at times and have helped with very hot projects. We had one person jumping through hoops last week from site to site when trying to fix an ordering mistake and he never complained. The Chandler guys have really excelled from day one. The communication and promptness has been noticed from the teams all around. Please let the teams know to keep up the great job!

Global Colocation Provider

Implementation Manager

Everything I do with your team goes smoothly due to the attention that is paid to any size order. I ordered some cabinet latches several weeks ago and through some confusion, there were some issues on what was delivered. This confusion was from the parts manufacturer and is something that I have dealt with from another VAR and the manufacturer. This is why I wanted to get away from the other VAR when I order parts from this manufacturer. The first issue was that no one could get me a part number until I redirected the order to Pinebreeze. I told our Pinebreeze representative and he worked with your team to get me something that would meet my needs. The second issue was that when the parts were shipped, somewhere they picked up another company’s name to associate with this address. This happens on everything I order from this manufacturer (which isolates the problem to the manufacturer.) The Pinebreeze team figured this out and caught the shipment before it could be sent to the wrong company. When the box got in my hands, our Pinebreeze rep was here to make sure it is what I needed. The packing list detailed the pieces I needed, but the box only had strike plates in it and not what the packing list detailed. Our Pinebreeze rep quickly picked up the package and didn’t want us to have to deal with it. This is why I like dealing with Pinebreeze. I’m sure your margins for these latches were not much (if any at all), but every effort was made to make sure I got what I needed. I get this with everybody at Pinebreeze. From early dealings with your Operations Director on our first project, to the very large data center relocation. This mentality is present with everyone I deal with at Pinebreeze and it is why I will continue to do business with you and refer any work I can your way. Thank you to your company’s efforts to keep these issues off my plate and from escalating into things that force me to spend my time in resolving.

Global Bank

Consultant, Technical Project Manager

Pinebreeze Technologies performed an inventory on our 5 data center floors in New York and New Jersey (3 floors in NY, and 2 floors in NJ) in preparation for our implementation of a Resource Management Software Package. During that time, all of the Pinebreeze employees demonstrated:

      An above average knowledge of the inventory and documentation process

      A very professional attitude towards the gathering of the required information

      A heightened sensitivity about the care required to work on active DC floors

During any follow up questions, Pinebreeze was always very precise in asking the questions that identified the exact data they needed so as not to take up an inordinate amount time, from us the customer, to accomplish their tasks. In my dealings with  Pinebreeze, I found them to be very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive of us in the massive undertaking required of them to obtain the current and correct disposition of the devices inventoried. If a need for the type of services offered by Pinebreeze Technologies arose again, I would not hesitate to bring them back to work with us again.

Global IT Consulting Company

Manager Global Operations

I thought you guys did a great job for us. Everyone involved in the move commented that it was a pleasure to work with all of you and how professionally everything was handled. The team thought the move went very smooth and was completed in a more than timely manner. I really enjoyed working with everyone from Pinebreeze and I am sure we will continue to call on you in the future. Thanks again for your help!

Global Business Process Outsourcing Company

Hardware Services Senior Specialist

I have worked with Pinebreeze for the past eight years when I started with ACS/Xerox. I came to ACS from a 27-year career as a field technician. My position here is the hardware support specialist. My job consists of changing a mismatch of racks and systems to a streamlined center with hot/cold aisle containment within the 64000 square foot data center. Pinebreeze has been a consistent vendor that has never let me down.

They are always ready to assist and help with all that they can. With their assistance I started to standardize my data center’s racks and create a bundle package with one number to order. Their prices are always competitive for all the services they provide. All of the personnel I have dealt with from Pinebreeze have always been professional, knowledgeable and efficient. I have used their tech services for various work from installs to inventories. Anytime there is a problem with an order, whether it be shipping damage to wrong component, it is corrected without a hassle.

I have to say that Pinebreeze has made my job easier to do. I have dealt with many and various companies through the years and Pinebreeze has never disappointed me on any level. They are one of the few companies left that have employees who care about the job they perform.

Data Center Design, Build & Support Firm

Business Continuity Manager

In the past twelve months our company has worked very closely with Pinebreeze Technologies to perform 8 substantial relocations for several Fortune 500 companies in the oil and gas industry. Each time Pinebreeze has performed in a superior manner. All of their personnel are professional in appearance and manner. They have completed their portion of each project ahead of schedule. I have received several accolades from our customers, each one praising the performance of Pinebreeze, which makes me look good. We have obtained repeat business from our customers based on the exceptional performance of Pinebreeze. In my professional opinion, Pinebreeze Technologies is superior to the other companies we interviewed for these relocations.

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