Corporate Due Diligence

Due diligence is vital before a successful corporate finance process in order to identify strategic assets, synergies and potential undiscovered liabilities. CriticalPoint Partners utilizes our experience as a buyer to evaluate our client’s business operations and recommend necessary changes to prepare for a future transaction. We present executive management with an all-encompassing look into the core business operations and future strategic direction of the company. Potential benefits of pre-emptive corporate due diligence for our clients includes:
- Shorten the overall due diligence process for potential buyers
- Organize financial information and underlying support systems
- Determine your most efficient tax structure for the transaction
- Support internal resources to allow management to remain focused on core business operations
CPP develops a strong understanding of our client’s business model, strategic assets and financial metrics through independent industry research and meetings with senior management. Our team identifies favorable industry trends that allow a traditional business to transition into a company with premium valuation factors.

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