Pinebreeze is vendor neutral, so we can objectively recommend your best solution from among the leading providers in each category. Our knowledge is not based just on consultants’ research reports or promotional sales presentations, but on actual hands-on experience with each technology, and personal knowledge of the character and culture of the key technical and top management individuals at each vendor. We believe innovation, reliability and trust depend more on people than on companies, and use our broad and deep relationships to bring you the best information and value. Contact us to discuss your Hardware Solutions requirements.


At Pinebreeze, we focus on being absolutely your best resource for our core competencies. But we also understand the value of being able to source a much broader solution from a single entity. We have carefully selected and vetted trusted partners to complete the total solution you require. Contact us to discuss your requirements.




Pinebreeze is blessed to have earned the trust of hundreds of clients, from some of the world’s largest enterprises to many small and medium businesses. They come for our reputation, and stay for our professionalism and personalized service, becoming clients for life. We become a valued part of each client team. Hear what our clients have to say, and explore becoming a client yourself.



Pinebreeze recruits team members who love to serve. This is critical to provide unmatched service to our clients, but it doesn’t stop there. We respect & serve all of our constituents at Pinebreeze − our clients, partners, vendors, team members, ownership and community. We’d like to share with you some of the ways we serve our community. If you’re serving also, we salute you! If you’re not yet, we hope that something you see below will touch your heart and inspire you to join in!



Al Nichols founded Pinebreeze Technologies in 2000 to do business differently. He was dismayed by the mass layoffs, deteriorating client service, and lack of respect for clients and employees alike that he saw around him. He believed that a company founded on respecting all of its constituents should be a better place to work, provide leading client service, contribute more to its industry, and deliver superior long term returns. He named the company after Pinebreeze Farm, his grandfather’s poultry farm that led its industry in the early 1900s, and which he saw as exemplifying the same values he wanted Pinebreeze Technologies to stand for. We hope you enjoy working with Pinebreeze, and find it a rewarding experience! Please let us know how we may serve you!



Pinebreeze Technologies supports and participates in many events throughout the year. Please join us in any that interest you!

Coming Events
March 14-18 AFCOM Global Data Center World
March 19 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
May 26 DFW AFCOM Chapter meeting
June 5-8 7x24 Exchange National Conference
June x DFW SIM Chapter Golf Tournament

Past Events
Feb 25 DFW AFCOM Chapter Panel -
of Migrating a Data Center



We’ll post comments on our industry from members of the Pinebreeze Management Team here occasionally. We hope you enjoy them!